Mesh2Surface Release History


Mesh2Surface 4.3

Improvements when dragging bounded curves - 4.3.18
Added ability to Duplicate existing sketch - 4.3.18
Mesh2Surface is no longer limited to 25 shapes, but the evaluation version can be used freely for 14 days - 4.3.14
BUG fix: Setting deviation tolerance to zero causes crash of Mesh2Surface - 4.3.13
BUG fix: Using Ctrl+Alt when duplicating a curve was causing problems - 4.3.12
BUG fix: 3D Sketch and Patch were not transformed if the object is aligned using primitives - 4.3.12
Support of 3D Connexion mouse device - 4.3.11
Bug fix of crash when manipulating points in 3d sketch happening in very rare cases - 4.3.8
Selecting individual points and curves of 2D sketch while working in 3DSketch - 4.3.7
Toleranced curves can be used in evaluation mode - 4.3.7
Optional display of extended information for labels in deviation analyser - 4.3.6
Support of curve network surface
Align curves horizontally and vertically (including snapping to world axis)
Improved projection of intra points
Extrapolate of curves works in both directions

Mesh2Surface 4.2

Toleranced Sketching
Toleranced Patch
Coloured Segmentation
2D Sketching in 3D Sketch
Smart snapping for 2D sketches
Fit curves on mesh using intra points
Dynamic Sectioning


The initial development and the Mesh2Surface Basic -
Primitive extraction, Symmetry Plane, Segmentation, Fillet Measurement
Revolved and Extruded Surfaces
2D Sketching - Line, Curve, Arc and Tangent Arc
Align object in space