The affordable, yet powerful 3D reverse engineering software to convert 3D scan meshes to CAD models


Equiped with tools for extracting features from scan data, Mesh2Surface can convert most of the scanned objects into professional CAD models. Extract geometric features with best fit algorithms, draw 3D sketches directly on the reference mesh and build surfaces. The parametric behaviour and real-time deviation anlyzer gives flexibility available in high-end packages.


The intiutive and fast user interface, equiped with deviation control at every step, saves time and resources, thus helping the user to deliver results in the most effective way.


Mesh2Surface is a reverse engineering solution that ensures users get the best results at a cost-effective price. It is only worth less than 10% of what you would normally pay for a high-end reverse engineering package.


Join hundreds of customers from automotive, aerospace, jewellery, shoes, lighting and many other industries and discover the benefits of using Mesh2Surface in an effective and intuitive way. Many of these companies have already found the benefits of using the software; being on the market with hundreds of customers, Mesh2Surface is an established solution for converting 3D scans into CAD models.


Watch videos how the plug-in helps creating CAD models from scanned mesh data.

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Mesh2Surface Plug-In
for Rhinoceros® 64 bit version



Once you find that the plug-in is suitable for your needs, you can continue using it by buying the software


What's new in latest version 5

- Hide/Show / Isolate
- Zebra rendering
- Sweep / Blend / Loft Surfaces
- Soft Move
- Rebuild curve
- Convert curves in 2D sketch to line or circle

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What customers say

  "With Mesh2Surface built a part in about 2 days, while before that we needed over a week with other reverse and CAD Software to have similar model."
  "The software is one of the best packages I’ve ever tried."
  "Mesh2Surface in combination with Rhino brings a best and cheapest way to have a full support even for our complex technical constructions."
  "I use a Next Engine Scanner for my reverse engineering and Mesh2Surface is by far the easiest I’ve ever used, not to mention at a great price. The perfect companion for Rhino and my work."
  "The patch command is very nice, very good results with minimal effort. A great time saver."
  "It really is very useful software. It has made reverse engineering on Rhino so much quicker and easier. One of my favourite apps to work with." - Lynton Wepener, South Africa

We respect our customers and unfortunately due to confidentiality we cannot list a big names from automotive, aerospace, lighting, jewellery and shoe industries, but some other names are:




If you think that this is too complex for you, but you need a CAD model, we can do this for you. Contact us for more information.